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If you are a Benefits professional, or want to be…
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We have some things in common.  Benefits Management is what I did for years. 
So please…look around this website, watch my Lessons Learned videos, download free stuff, listen to a couple of Talking Benefits with Friends podcast episodes.  
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Just Published!

Peg, and frequent collaborator Rocke Blair, just published the second of three articles on Retirement Benefits Planning in Benefits Quarterly.

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Peg Helps Benefit Managers Solve Real Problems

What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

HRIS Issues

Which product would work best for your organization? How do you manage a change without chaos?

Retirement Savings Plan Evaluation

Is your current plan working for you and your employees?

Improved Health Plan Data Analysis

Does the data you collect help identify cost savings?

Improved Benefits Communication

Do you dread Open Season? Does your New Hire Orientation work effectively?

Compensation Plan Evaluation

Is your Compensation Plan still competitive? Which changes would make it competitive?

Peg Talks About

Lessons Learned

Peg talks about common and uncommon problems Benefits Professionals run into every day. Understand your legal obligations.  Learn new Search Strategies.  Make sure your definition of a problem covers every aspect of that problem.  Identify the data that matters and understand how to use it to manage budgets and responsibilities.  

Peg shares what she has learned in her long career.

Peg hosts a Podcast about working in benefits

Peggy West Talks with Friends in the industry about benefits Administration

Are there things you wish somebody had told you about how do to the job like

  • smart things to always do,
  • pitfalls to avoid,
  • how things get done every day. 


  • And how to use data to make better decisions!


That is what Peg and her Friends are going to talk about.  

Peg works with Benefits Professionals

Peg works with Benefits Professionals who want to use Diagnostic Data to understand current Health Benefit Spending.


She also works with CFOs or other HR Managers who have the responsibility for Benefits but wish they knew more about it.